As you think about the future of your agency, you might be thinking of a sale or merger. We are here to help you through the process for initial thinking, planning, and implementation.

Here are a few things to think about.

  1. Find a partner who understands your business and industry.
  2. Think about your legacy and how you want that to look.
  3.  Keep to the facts and reason and try ts work through any issues by marshaling data and evidence for your position.
  4. Understanding the importance of key operational staff retention and involving HR early on in the deal process.

We are a Texas based M&A Acquisition and Advisory practice focused on the Independent P&C Insurance Market. Whether you are looking to retire, seeking perpetuation planning or simply exploring options, let’s talk.

Our parent company, Davidson Stewart Morelock, has been an independent P&C agency since 2008, with our principals offering over 50 years combined experience in the insurance industry. We have successfully worked with a number of agencies creating mutually beneficial solutions for owners, partners and buyers.

Let keep talking.