puzzelWe recently ran across a study by PeopleMetrics where they outlined methods of improving the relationships between agents and customers. We thought this information fit right into our continued effort to change the way we think about the insurance buying process.

“According to a recent Accenture survey, 91% of insurers “believe that future growth depends on providing a special customer experience.” So it would appear that the industry has realized the current system is flawed and is actively interested in bridging the gap between average and exceptional. But what does an “exceptional customer experience” look like in the insurance industry?” www.peoplemetrics.com

How To Bridge The Gap Between Good And Great Customer Service

  • Deliver solutions the customer wants and needs; stop selling insurance.
  • Be consistent. Deliver the same level of service from every touchpoint within the customer experience.
  • Show you care. Insurance is not a commodity, it is a service.
  • Build trust. The best way to build trust is to always acknowledge when you are wrong.
  • Go the extra mile. Build a culture where employees are encouraged to put in the extra effort. This might include hand-delivering a policy or auto ID cards in an emergency situation.

Now go win the day!