If you search the web you will find many good articles on how increasing customer satisfaction boosts your profit and is a good return on investment. While these are good articles, they miss the point. Don’t deliver outstanding customer service to make money, do it because it is the right thing to do. We believe that a happy and satisfied customer will become your ally, and you become their trusted advisor.

Here Is What We Know About Customer Service

  1. Customers know more about risk today than they did a few years ago.
  2. People want to be educated not sold.
  3. Partners are better than vendors.
  4. Everyone “says” they offer god customer service.
  5. There is a strong correlation between customer experience and loyalty factors such as repurchasing, trying new services, forgiving mistakes, and recommending the company to friends and colleagues.
  6. Customers expect extended hours: 24/7
  7. Consumers view excellent customer service as an extension of a company’s values and believe that these companies have “earned” their business.

What Customer Service Tools Should We Invest In?

  1. Continue to educate yourself and your team in insurance and risk management topics.
  2. Invest in a mobile-first customer experience. Customers want some level of mobile services, which could mean, paying bills, managing policy information and receiving claims update.
  3. Build a meaningful web site. Your web page is an excellent way to offer education and other services.
  4. Invest in people, most customers hate calling an agency and getting voice mail.
  5. Invest in the technology that allows 24/7 communication with your customers.

Go win the day!