Many agencies have been obliged to make significant modifications to their operations as a result of the pandemic and to do so quickly. As the move toward digital technologies and ecommerce has intensified, corporate executives in every industry have had to reconsider their strategy and business procedures. When discussions are completed and the ink is dry, the work on a merger or acquisition does not cease. The next step is to integrate the two businesses. Here are some success tips we’ve picked up through working with clients and our own recent experiences.

Recognizing and embracing the idea that any M&A effectively results in a new organization is one of the keys to successful mergers and acquisitions. To ensure a comprehensive and successful integration, redevelop a start-up culture and work ethic.

It’s critical to communicate the rationale for the merger and acquisition, as well as the benefits and expenses it will bring to each set of stakeholders. Obtaining buy-in from all stakeholders is a critical step in maximizing benefits and lowering costs, as well as leading to a more integrated solution.

To ensure that the cultures of both organizations mesh successfully, a merger and acquisition must have harmony in ideas and management methods. Organizations with significant cultural differences have formed successful collaborations, while companies with significant cultural similarities have formed failed alliances.