When searching for the right commercial insurance agent for your business, you should find someone who focuses not only on providing excellent coverage but also on providing excellent customer service. They serve as an additional business partner to assist you in enhancing your business operations.

There are two prevalent types of insurance agents: captive and independent. A captive agent represents a single insurance company and can only sell policies from that company. An independent agent is not limited to a single carrier; therefore, they are able to shop around for you with multiple carriers and assist you in obtaining coverage for all the different types of insurance your business requires.

What To look For In Your Agent?

  • Provides information
  • Offers solutions other than insurance
  • Discusses risk management
  • Has a professional team
  • Understands your business
  • Value customer service

How can you tell if your insurance agent is looking out for your best interests? The first thing to observe is whether they ask numerous questions to better assist your business. In addition, they will follow up with multiple (not just one) solutions for all your coverage needs and give you options that fit your business and budget.