As we continue our conversation about a new way to treat and view the insurance buying process, we thought it would be good to review what a customer service experience should look like.

Know Your Clients by Name

One of the best ways for producers to build a strong relationship with their clients is to know them by name and address them accordingly whenever in contact. A producer who knows their clients by name will make them feel appreciated and uniquely recognized.

Make Conversation With Your Clients

Although it is important to discuss business matters at length with your clients, it is also wise to make small talk with them as well. This will show them that you are interested in them as individuals and not just viewing them as a source of income.

Create a Fan

You may be the best producer with the lowest premiums, but if you fail to offer outstanding service to match that, it can be the downfall to your business relationship. Deliver what the client wants plus 10% more!

Inquire About Customer Comments

Practice pro-active and consistent check-ins with your customers to see how things are going.  Follow up with any requested information or actions promptly.

Accept Your Mistakes, Learn From Them, and Do Not Repeat Them

We all make mistakes. Some of us accept it, evaluate the situation, learn the lesson, and move on, while others get stuck in a never-ending state of denial. “What did I do wrong?” or “I am not responsible for it!”  Use errors as a source of growth and an opportunity for positive change.

Provide Useful Information

Send out reports and newsletters at least once every other month.

Say Thank You

Send a note after each renewal, remember birthdays, and anniversaries. Delivery appropriate gifts and use entertainment to build the relationship.